A Dad's guide to Mother's Day

A Dad's guide to Mother's Day

Psst, Dads! We’ve done some research here at Kidunk about what mum’s (with young children) really want this Mother’s Day… we’re going to share our insight to help you get into her good books this year…


When the kids are little, sleep can become a luxury! With disturbed nights and busy days entertaining your toddlers/ pre-schoolers – parental exhaustion can really kick-in.  So, although she loves family time, number one on Mum’s treat list is a lay in – what better way to start Mother’s Day?!

Dad it’s up to you to get up with the children and tell them that on this special day, you’re going to show mum how much you all love and appreciate her, by giving mummy a rest. When you hear her stirring, surprise her with breakfast in bed.

Important tip. Make sure breakfast things are away and kitchen is left clean! (just saying!)

Personalised Card

If crafting with the kids is not your thing, don’t worry this doesn’t have to fill you with dread as it can be so simple. Print off some pictures of mum and get the children to stick them to a folded piece of card and then allow them to decorate it. If they are able, ask the children to write all the things they love and appreciate about mum inside. Dad, you too can add your own little message too!

Lunch on us

We know that mums don’t always do mealtimes, but even so, it’s still lovely to have no part in its prep, cooking and tidying for one day! So, either take mum for a meal out or enlist the help of the children to make her something. It doesn’t have to be fancy, she will just appreciate the fact that it was made with love. 

Me Time

Again, just like sleep, ‘me time’ is illusive for most mums, just an hour to relax or read a book is pure luxury! You could surprise her by buying her favourite magazines or a book from her favourite author, make mum a cuppa and then leave her alone to allow for some unadulterated, well-earned me time… ah! Make sure she has no distractions by taking the children for a little walk to allow her some peace and quiet.

Brownie point tip, Dad, what about a little note hidden in her book or magazine to tell her how much you love her!


Visit Granny

Grandmas are mums too, so let’s not forget them and make time for Nanna too on this special day. Whether it be via skype, a phone call or in person connect with the older generation and show the children that it’s important to celebrate love and relationships no matter how old you are.  Ask Grandma to tell the story of how mum or dad were born and then you tell the kids their story and what it was like to become parents.


A (uninterrupted) bubble bath

Who doesn’t love a hot relaxing bubble bath, with maybe a cheeky glass of wine?

You’ve already given mum an amazing day so let’s end the day with preparing her a lovely bubble bath, get the children to bring in some clean pyjamas and cosy slippers and leave her to relax while you get the children ready for bed. 

But, leave mum the nice job of reading their bedtime story, how about getting the award-winning book; “I love my mummy “, from the library in advance, it will be a lovely end to mum’s perfect Mother’s Day. 

Now with all this insider knowledge, the mother of your children is sure to have a perfect day and it may also give mum some ideas for Father’s Day in June… you never know!

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