Washing & Care


Your Kidunk is made with specially developed, technical performance fabrics, but don’t worry, caring for them is easy peasy.

Please note! Fabric softeners, biological washing detergents and excess heat will be detrimental to the look, feel and overall technicality of your Kidunk.


  • Use a 40* gentle or normal cycle wash in your machine – closing any poppers or zippers
  • Ensure that your washing machine is full or three-quarters full, this will help save energy by doing fewer washes. You could also lower your spin speed, use a synthetic cycle or select manually (around 800rpm) and line Dry where ever possible
  • Tumble dry low, or because it dries so fast, save energy and hang or lay flat to dry - Tumble drying can revitalise the water resistant properties of your Kidnk
  • Kidunks don't require to be ironed, just shake once out of the washing machine. If you prefer to iron,  use a very cool setting – we would recommend ironing on reverse

Tips for cleaning common stains!

Avoid leaving stains to settle in over a long period – it is best to pre-treat stubborn stains

ketchup / fruit juice /paint
  • Clean the stain with cool water as soon as possible
  • Pretreat with liquid detergent leaving to work for a few minutes
  • Sponge well and rinse well
  • Wash your Kidunk as normal
  • If the stain is a bit stubborn, work liquid detergent into it and try soaking in warm water for 30 minutes. Wash as normal.
dirt / sick / pencil / mustard /glue
  • Leave to dry and rub off – if the stain remains work liquid detergent into the stain before washing
  • Treat most stubborn stains by applying a stain pre-treatment product or soak the stain before washing.

Don’t do

  • The Use of softener is not recommended it may reduce the effectiveness of the Teflon®
  • Do not bleach – those lovely bright colours will not be happy!
  • Do not dry clean
  • Avoid very high heat settings – your zips might not like it and the appearance and performance of the material will be affected.

Kidunks have been designed as much as anything can be, to be kid proof, however, there are some stains and marks that will damage the material and that unfortunately, we cannot accept liability for.

These include turmeric (curry sauce), bleach, oil based paints, machine oil, make-up, chewing gum, mould, permanent pens, Inks, nail varnish, tar, super glue. (The things that children would not normally play with!)

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