Frequently Asked Questions

do I have to zip the tops and bottoms together?

No, Kidunk tops and trousers are sold separately and can be worn completely independently of one another. The zip to attach the two parts together is unobtrusive and unless you knew it was there, it’s invisible. It even has a specially designed fabric zip guard.

The unique zip feature allows you to zip the two parts together, creating a playsuit. Whether it’s time for climbing trees, rolling around in sandpits or messy play, your little one is totally protected.

During cooler months, the zip feature makes the playsuits extra cosy and in the summer, means they are totally protected from the sun.

What about toilet training in a Kidunk?

The problem we found with waterproof suits was, in fact, the zip. Two layers of clothing with two different directions of zip were fiddly and took a little while to undo!  We wanted to create toilet training friendly clothes and this is, in part, why the zip goes around the waist.

We think keeping toddlers unzipped whilst they master the art of toilet training is a good idea but the zips have chunky pullers on them so that they can easily zip themselves in and out as they get a little older.

Are Kidunks waterproof?

Our suits are waterproof (3,000mm - hydrostatic head test) so they don’t absorb water like most kids’ clothes. Liquids just sit on the surface of the materials and mostly roll off, so perfect for muddy puddles and water play.

The material is not designed for swimming in, so eventually if emerged in water it will become saturated. The good news is that they dry very quickly!

Can I tumble dry my Kidunk?

Certainly on a very low heat. The suits dry very quickly when air dried but it’s always good to know you can tumble dry as well.

Are they breathable?

The Kidunk tops and trousers are made from a beautiful quality, robust fabric which is designed for play but they are totally breathable and even the Teflon™ coating doesn’t affect this.

My child has delicate skin. Are Kidunks suitable?

Some children are more comfortable in cotton or Merino wool garments next to their skin and that’s why we recommend base layers to be worn in cooler temperatures outside.

Like many similar products in the market, Kidunks are polyester and Lycra based as they are the most practical for play, but may not be suitable for some children.

Are there any stains that don’t wash out?

We have developed Kidunk to be, as much as anything, ‘kid proof’ so we have used liquids and substances that are commonplace around a younger child;- water-based paints, children’s glues, glitters,  tomato sauces,  blackcurrant juice and all the muck and grass you can throw at it!

Please check our care advice on how to treat stains.

We have also included in our care instruction leaflet liquids/substances that will damage the suit and that should be avoided.

How do I know what size to order?

You’ll find a handy size guide button at the side of each product and a link at the bottom of the home page which gives you sizing and suggested measure points to make sure you get the perfect size for little one.

For quick access click here

Should I order a bigger size if I want to layer clothes underneath?

No, we have sized the garments so that they can be worn comfortably with layers underneath. For more information on layering please follow the link here

Are they comfy enough to wear all day?

Our little testers certainly thought so! Kidunks can be worn as any normal top and bottom inside and outdoors and are totally breathable. The difference with a Kidunk playsuit is that they are super comfy and repel liquids and gunky stuff!

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