Crafting with the Easter bunny

Crafting with the Easter bunny

 Thinking of things to do with the kids this Easter weekend? Crafting is a great way to tear them away from the chocolate eggs for a little while! Gemma Peers from Paper Town Crafts guides us through some great makes using bright Spring colours and just a little bit of inspiration from the Easter Bunny.

Easter Cards

This simple craft is suitable for children of all ages and the finished card looks great. Grandma will be delighted when she receives this handmade Easter card through the post.

You will need

Plain greetings cards and envelopes – The Range has a great selection of these at bargain prices

A variety of Spring inspired patterned papers

Coloured Card


A craft knife (if you have one)


  • Cut the patterned paper into long strips the same width as the front of the greetings card
  • Stick the strips to the front of the card length ways using a variety of patterns
  • Cut a piece of colour card to the same size as the front of the greetings card
  • Draw the outline of an Easter Egg, Bunny’s Head or whatever simple Easter shape takes your fancy
  • Cut out the shape so you are left with the sillouette of the shape cut out of the card rectangle
  • Glue the shape outline to the front of the greetings so that the patterned paper strips show through.


Easter Baskets

Start your Easter Egg Hunt with a bit of creativity by making your own Easter Baskets. I love any craft that involves colouring in because it means children of all ages can get involved as much as they are able. The older children can draw elaborate patterns and Spring pictures on their baskets, while the little ones can just have a good old scribble.


You will need

Coloured card in various Spring colours

Felt tip pens


Flower shaped punches (punches are great investment if you want to increase your kids craft artillery)



  • Cut out a circle of colour card – I made mine 13cm in diameter which seemed to do the job
  • Cut another sheet of A4 paper in the same colour card as the circle in half long ways to create a long strip
  • Decorate this piece of card with the felt tip pens
  • Snip a row of smalls cuts along one long edge of the card to make a fringe – the cuts should be about a cm high and about 2 cm apart from each other but really doesn’t have to be exact
  • Glue the card into a hoop shape
  • Fan out the fringe on the bottom and use this to glue the hoop to the card circle to make a basket structure that resembles a top hat
  • Use a long thin strip of colour card to make a handle. Attach this to the basket with glue
  • Punch flower shapes in various coloured card and decorate the handle with the flowers.


Happy Easter everyone. May your Easter Baskets be filled with yummy chocolates. X


You can find out about Paper Town’s Craft Clubs and kits at or follow Gemma on Instagram at


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