Five fab things to do in wonderful wellies!

Five fab things to do in wonderful wellies!

Wonderful Wellies, they come in the most amazing colours, shapes and sizes. We LOVE them and we know that children do too, because they’re easy to slip on and off and you allowed to walk through puddles and mud and get completely filthy! Adults like them too, I definitely love mine. Grown-ups can have fun with wellies too, embracing their inner child with spots, stripes, flowers and animal prints!



We want to celebrate these beautiful things and give you some amazing activities for you to enjoy in your wellies!! 


Take your wellies down to the beach

Spring, summer, autumn or winter – they’re great for leaving prints in the sand! Encourage your child to make patterns by running around then ask them to retrace their steps. Hold on to their little hands and go close to the water’s edge, watch as your prints in the sand are eaten up by the sea!


Splish, Splash Splosh!

How wonderful do you feel when you're splashing around in puddles without a care in the world, safe in the knowledge that you're fully protected by your lovely warm wellies. As a family, play who can get to the puddles first and count how many you've splashed in, the winner is the one who's found the most puddles.


Autumn fun!

Autumn is a beautiful time of year and a woodland walk is a wonderful thing to do together, children love to kick up the leaves in their wellies and will have no worries about stepping in the mulch and mud.


Get creative

You can get creative with wellies too! At home, in the garden, get a roll of old wallpaper and squirt some poster paint onto old plastic lids. Encourage your child to step in the paint and run up and down the paper, brilliant! Welly prints look brilliant and you can also get them to mix the colours and count their steps. (Top tip: have a bowl of water ready for them to step in to and their clean wellies)



Recycling is a must with wellies! Once they’ve grown out of them, or if a hole has appeared in the bottom – don’t throw them out, no! A lovely activity is to make them into little planters, here’s how: make sure you have put holes in the sole so they don't become waterlogged. Add a little grit and then allow your little one to fill with soil, discuss what flower or plant you’re going to use, these can be great for herbs and then finish off by placing at the front door, the perfect greeting for any visitor.


Kids in wellies
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