The six-step guide to super swimming sessions!

The six-step guide to super swimming sessions!

Swimming with your little one can be lots of fun and it’s essential to get them confident in water. However, let’s be honest, it can be a tad challenging … We all know what crowded or unequipped changing rooms can be like! You both get hot and bothered in the madly heated cubicles as you encourage them to change into their swimsuits and ironically as you leave the pool you’re both freezing cold – not to mention hungry and tired! But like most things, with a bit preparation and insider know-how the whole experience can be much more pleasurable. 

  • OK, easier said than done, but try and make sure that your little one has have had plenty of sleep to avoid an upset clingy child. Aim to go in the morning before they get too tired.
  • You don’t want your child to have a full tummy before entering the water, but equally you don’t want them going in hungry, so give them a quick snack beforehand – just something small like a breadstick will do.
  • Dress in comfy, easy to remove clothes – avoid skinny jeans at all costs and lots of layers are a no, no! If you’re heading out first thing, put your swimsuit on under your clothes for a super slick change when you get there. 
  • Prepare your swim bag the night before and stock it with: snacks, a drink, small floaty toys to entertain your little one, your choice of buoyancy aid and a towel that you can slip over your toddler’s head, preferably with a hood. These are so useful to dry and keep them warm while you dress yourself first. A couple of swim nappies and a pair of plastic pants to double seal the swim nappy. (if your little one is not potty trained yet)
  • When dressing, try to engage your little one with a song, such as head shoulders knees and toes, you could dry these parts during the song and it should keep your child smiling and before they know it, they’re dressed!
  • After swimming your child will be quite hungry so offer a snack and drink as soon as they are dressed.

Finally, once you get home, put the kettle and relax in the peace and quiet, as your little one takes a nap, its tiring work is swimming!

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